Wednesday, November 22, 2006

De Meirleir visit (Post 5)

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My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

I just came back from obtaining my results of lab test performed by Dr. De Meirleir in Belgium. This professor is considered the best professional in Europe for CFS treatment, and is currently making lobby with European Institutions to oficialize the biological markers such as RNASe as a diagnostic tool for CFS, as well as get funds to keep on the research for treatment and causes.

He has the same approach to this illness than my Dr. Ana Garcia Quintana in Barcelona, in the sense that they both use the RNASe test as a confirmatory test for diagnostic, and the use of betalactamic antibiotics for reducing elastases or anti-parasite and antifungal medications to eliminate intestinal protozoos and parasites. Besides the use of probiotics to restablish the intestinal flora.

The following is a trancript of his Medical Report:

1. Medical History:

1.1.Present Medical problems

He became ill in September 2005 after a period of severe stress. After several months he was diagnosed with CFS in Barcelona.
Today he complains of: fatigue (made worse by physical exercise), atention deficit disorder, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, frequently saying the wrong word, depression, anxiety, emotional liability, sleep disturbance, numb or tingling feelings, severe muscular weakness, non-restorative sleep, decreased libido, recurrent flue-like illness, sore throat, weight gain, muscle spam, muscle aches, abdominal pain, fever, heart palpitations, rashes, hair loss, chest pain, dyspnea exertion, multiple sensitivities with medicines, food and other substances. The symptoms are worsened by extremes of temperature.

1.2. Past Medical history

Surgeries: none
Medication: nutriceuticals, tranxilium 10mg

1.3. Evaluation for presence of CFS criteria

a) Holmes (1988) NO
b) Fukuda (1994) YES

2. Physical examination

Not done

3. Other exams
3.1. Laboratory Test

Bartonella Henselae antibody titer IgG 1/128
Melisa: Normal for Hg++/Nj++
Immunobilan: Normal
Immunophenotyping: Normal
PCR for detection of mycoplasma, HHV6, HHV7, CMV, chlamydia NEGATIVE
PCR for detection of EBV POSITIVE
Elastase: mildly increased
LMW RnaseL: ratio 1,0 (normal 0,5): increased enzimatic activity
Natural Killer cells: low % and reduced activity
Nitric Oxide in serum: increased

3.2. Lactose challenge test

Lactose intolerance (due to bacteria overgrowth probably)

3.3. Fructose challenge test


3.4. Stool test

Presence of undigested proteins.


A working hypothesis of CFS can be retained. However he probably suffers from intestinal dysbiosis with systemic consequences (inflammatory syndrome, immune dysfunction, reactivation of EBV)

Treatment proposed:

Diet Low in Lactose
Drink 3l a day
a)Gabbroral 250mg is an intestinal antibiotic for chronic giardias and amebiosis, which I had in the past, but i do not have now, at least they do not show up in the lab test.
b)Zelitrex 500mg is an antiviral for herpes virus, i guess that is meant for my epstein barr that came positive.
c)VSL-3 is a probiotic
d)Hydrozyme(tm) is an all-natural non-toxic enzyme product that safely digests most forms of proteins, dead roots and other organic matter
e)L- Glutathione 500mg is a biologically active sulfur amino acid tripetide compound containing three amino acids: L- Cysteine, L- Glutamic Acid, and Glycine
f)COLITOFALK 500MG TABLETS (in The Netherlands is called Salofalk) is used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis. It works inside the bowel by helping to reduce the inflammation and other symptoms of the disease.
g) Vitamin C 1000 mg a day
h) Vitamin B12 sublingual 10000mcg a day

I will try to book an appointment with him in March to follow up the results...
I will let you know ;-)

By the way, I got fungi again, and I took fluconazol to get rid of it once more, De Meirleir told me that if it happens again I should take Sporanox for 28 days and they won't come back.


NK cells are large lymphocyts with a granular cytoplasm, distinguishable from T and B cells by the presence of the surface markers CD16 and CD56 and the lack of CD3 and surface immunoglobulin.

They have the capacity to lyse tumour and virus-infected cells without prior presentation of foreign proteins by antigen-presenting cells.

NK cells bind to carbohydrate ligands on target cells via surface receptors of the NKT-P1A and CD94 families in hmans, and NKR-P! molecules in rodents and secrete various proteases, nucleases and perforin, which results in the lysis of the target.

In addition to protection of the host from intracellular pathogens and tumorigenesis, NK cells secrete a large array of cytokines and are important in immune system regulation.

In vitro experiments as well as studies in humans and mice have revealed the importance of NK cells in the early, non-specific immune response to several viral pathogens.

Current evidence suggest a role for these cells in protecting the host from infection with herpes-viruses, coxsackieviruses, paramyxovirus infections, influenza A virus, hepatitis viruses B and C and HIV.

The spectrum of viruses sensitive to NK cell-mediated destruction is still to be determined, however.

Compromised NK function has been reported as part of a variety of chronic illnesses including genetic immunodeficiency syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and AIDS.