Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sign and Share this petition please

Hi everybody, it will only take you 3 minutes, but we can achieve that Health R&D continues in Spain, many patients depend on a recently published study that reveals 8 molecules of the immune system that can act as a biomarker for CFS. For that a bigger study is needed, and We are requesting so to the government.

You can sign and share in here:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lab test done before taking Ursobilane treatment

Total Bilirrubine: *1.6 (0-1.2)
Direct Bilirrubine: *0.5 (0-0.4)
Indirect Bilirrubine: *1.10 (0-1)
Amonio in serum: *60 (11-35)
Total Cholesterol: 215 (<220)
Triglicéridos: 92 (35-200)
HDL: *36 (>45 normalidad <35 Riesgo)
TC/(HDL-TC): *6 (<4.5)
LDL: *161 (<155 normalidad >180 Riesgo)
(LDL-TC)/(HDL-TC) *4.5 (<3.55)
GOT 28 (<45)
GPT 31 (<45)
GGT 12 (8-61)
Fosfotasa Alkaline 54 (25-100)
AC. Antitransglutaminasa IgA 14.9 (>15 Positive) (It is negative, but very close to the limit)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cryptogenic Chronic Hepatitis ¿Cause or effect of CFS?

I've seen my results with the hepatologist, no trace of virus B, C or CMV in my liver. But if there is a chronic inflammation that should not be there, and I have been diagnosed with cryptogenic chronic hepatitis (unknown etiology). I was prescribed a non fat diet, ursobilane 300mg (2-2-2) and sports. I see him again in 2 or 3 months.

He tells me that the reference values ​​of GPT and GOT are about to be changed next year to "30" by medical consensus in Spain, instead of 42 as they are now. I have a current value of 41.

He assures me that I have chronic hepatitis, because He has touched my liver and it is confirmed my biopsy and high transaminases, although within range in the current standard reference range. It is also supported by the rest of analisis done before showing apoptosis along these years, such as a high granzyme B, RNase-L, elastase, PKR, free DNA circulating in blood and the FAS ligands.

I keep on wondering if this is cause or consequence of CFS, because cryptogenic does not really solve the puzzle.

One theory that comes to my mind is the following:

- CFS patients with undiagnosed autoimmune hepatitis, might be responding to Rituximab for being an autoimmune disease.
- CFS patients with chronic mutant hepatitis B or hidden hepatitis C, could be responding to Tenofovir (retroviral) for being a chronic viral disease.
- CFS patients with cryptogenic chronic hepatitis might respond to GcMaf if they carry an unknown pathogen.

They are just my theories, but in any case keep them in mind, because these are difficult to diagnose hepatitis cases and often go unnoticed by doctors.

In fact if your GPT and GOT are over 30 you should at least suspect, my hepatologist told me that in 2012 they will lower reference ranges for transaminases at 30 instead of 43 as they are today.

He also mentioned that physical examination of the liver requires a lot of experience and is not easy to detect hepatitis with the hands.

Finally, the 3 hepatitis described will not necessarily yield positive serology or even on PCR. Only a biopsy can rule it out with certainty.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Is CFS an Undiagnosed Liver disease?

Today, they have started to see my biopsy, they still need to do more tests for the B virus, but they told me that I should not worry about my liver. There is no fibrosis there and is quite "healthy". But there is injury to the hepatocytes, but they still need to know if they are infected with hepatitis B virus, which could cause the injury.

In Pathology, they normally look at 3 parameters, in the first two I have a zero rank, which means I am okay. In the third one, which is the "hepatocyte necrosis" I rank 1 (range 1-3). So there is injury, but the liver is not really damaged as for today, therefore I have no prognosis for cirrhosis at all.

Nevertheless it could potentially explain part of my symptoms, because the liver lesion is present, but that's better to wait for the final report and the interpretation of my liver specialist.

Hepatocyte necrosis is closely linked to apoptosis (programmed cell death), and that is what I have seen in the many analysis that I have done since I fell sick in 2006:

- 2006 RNase-L, elastase and high PKR = programmed cell death -> immunity to fight against something (Redlabs-Belgium)
- 2009 free circulating DNA Very high = programmed cell death -> immunity to fight against something (Acumen-UK)
- 2010, abnormal levels of the ligands FAS = programmed cell death -> immunity to fight against something (Irsi Caixa, Barcelona)
- 2011, elevated Granzyme B = programmed cell death -> immunity to fight against something (Gregorio Marañón, Madrid)

So, apparently it does seem that whatever I have in the liver is related to my CFS history.

It was not easy at all to detect the damage in my liver:

During all these years, no wrong liver function blood standard test (2005-2011):

-All the blood work on liver enzymes came normal
-All liver function came normal (GPT/GOT)
-All B & C serologies came negative
-Even a PCR DNA on B virus came NEGATIVE! But that is because PCR has limitations in the number of copies per ml that they can detect, normally starting from 120 copies.

However, what was present in a more subliminal and less conclusive way, were these traces of other liver malfunction in "not liver exclusive link test": (2005-2011)

-Presence of ammonia in blood
-High levels of nitric oxide in blood
-frequent high levels of bilirubin in blood
-Occasional severe abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant that could last more than 8 hours, 3 times a year that I need to go to the hospital to get a pain killer in vein.
-Occasional mild jaundice
-Frequently elevated fibrinogen
-Protein C active frequently high
-Sleep inverted (cortisol inverted)
-Occasional itching
-Occasional acolia
-Occasional coluria
-Essential amino acid deficiency
-High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
-HBc antibody-positive on three occasions, intercalated with negative results in many more occasions in the last 3 years.

In November 2011, a very sophisticated PCR technique was used to detect even a single copy of the virus per milliliter, and they found 13 copies in my case, so I was recommended a liver biopsy, which is where they have seen the damage to liver cells.

It is now clear to me that "something" has infected my hepatocytes, and that causes liver inflammation and injury.
The big question is whether it is a mutant version of hepatitis B virus in the pre-core S region, or a hidden hepatitis B virus in the liver, and that will tell me next week.

If this is confirmed, I believe many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be infected with an undiagnosed B virus that could explain at least part of the clinical symptoms they present. If that was the case, it could also explain why tenofovir therapy works in some patients with CFS.

Another possibility in many patients with CFS is a chronic autoimmune hepatitis is not my case. In autoimmune hepatitis predominantly female (78%) in the absence of virus serological markers, elevated serum levels of IgG, high titers of antibodies (ANA, SMA, anti-LKMI), and 60% have other autoimmune thyroiditis , rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis. In these cases, immunosuppressive therapy would be effective, so perhaps the work Rituximab in patients with CFS.

Bear in mind that both "autoimmune chronic hepatitis" and "chronic hepatitis by a mutan B virus of the Pre-core region" are not present in common serologies. Autoimmune hepatitis is treated with immunosupression, and chronic Hepatitis B is treated with retrovirals. That could potentially explain why Tenofovir or Rituximab have been effective in different subsets of CFS patients.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mutant Chronic Hepatitis-B or Hidden Hepatitis-C

Today I am going to talk about something I think is very important for all that you have a diagnosis of CFS.

As you know I have CFS diagnosed for 6 years now, and despite the fact that my serologies for hepatitis A, B and C were negative during these years, this year Gregorio Marañón Hospital and last year Carlos III detected B viruses in my blood test. This came as a surprise because I was vaccinated against Hepatitis B and I already passed Hepatitis A.

As you can see the evolution of these blood tests, surface antigen HBs came out negative ALWAYS, however HBc core antibody was positive on 2 occasions since 2009. Moreover HBe antigen was detected in blood also on two occasions, and there is as well signs of an infectious component when we observe 2 (IL-2R) in December 2010.

The interpretation of this evolution is NOT easy. Firstly because normally is not standardized to test for HBc nor HBe, and secondly because these results may be interpreted in isolation as a "false positive" because they do not fit together well with a negative HBs Ag.

However Gregorio Marañón Hospital advised me to go for a good Liver specialist to undertake a thorough study, because the B virus that they saw was not from the vaccine. For this reason I went to Vicente Carreño, which is the number 1 in Spain.

Dr. Carreño checked my liver with his hands and it was 2 cm rhomboid (sorry for this translation), which signals inflammation, and because of the abnormalities observed in the blood work, He stated that I could be infected with the Hepatitis B virus, despite of the vaccine. Apparently this is a possibility, although not everybody is aware of it.

There are several types of the B virus, and to some of them the vaccine is not effective. Also it can go unnoticed in a normal hepatitis blood work. So He prescribed some special molecular blood work at NUCLEOTEX laboratory in Spain that performs molecular tests to detect two possible cases:

-Hidden Hepatitis C
-Mutant Hepatitis B in Pre-S region

My Results:

Hepatitis B virus:

PCR DNA (ultracentrifugation): 13 copies / ml
Proliferation of CD4 + T lymphocytes specific B virus

Hepatitis C virus:
PCR-RNA (ultracentrifugation) NEGATIVE
Proliferation of CD4 + T lymphocytes specific to hepatitis C virus
NS3 (Helicase) NEGATIVE

Although at first glance it seems all negative, it is not. These tests show there is B virus in my blood (13 copies per ml).
Bear in mind that the standard DNA testing for B & C virus are not as sensible as the one I did here in Spain, normally they have a limitation: (116 to 989,400,000 copies/mL). In my case, I only had 13 copies/ml, therefore I would have come negative in standard DNA testing. This is a very low titer, but still shows is positive. At this point is not contagious, but if it peaks, it could be. Another important factor is that the titer might be very low in blood but not necessarily in the liver. It could also be a "false positive" therefore it needs to be confirmed with a biopsy.

For this reason He recommends a biopsy to confirm the infection and liver status, which not only going to look Hepatitis B and C, but also inflammation, tissue conditions, etc. The sample will frozen just in case more things need to be tested at a later stage (i.e. HGRV) .

In view of these results, the observed abnormalities in previous blood test and my clinical history, it is in the opinion of Dr. Carreño a must to perform a biopsy to confirm the findings.

When confirmed, chronic mutant hepatitis B, is treated with retrovirals (Tenofovir), normally for 6 months, given that this kind of hepatitis is more easily cured than regular chronic Hepatitis B.

I've asked him if it is possible that during these 6 years that I have thought to have CFS, perhaps I simply have had chronic mutant Hepatitis B undiagnosed, and his answer was YES.

It is too early to draw conclusions, however I think it's important enough share this writing, when I know the final results of the biopsy I will let you know. If it turns to be the case, I think everyone with a diagnosis of CFS should go through a good hepatologist who can rule out this possibility.

The standard treatment for this kind of mutant hepatitis is Tenofovir, and it comes to mind to think that people with XMRV treated with Tenofovir, might actually be responding because they might carry an undiagnosed B mutant B virus in the pre core S region.

As I said, it has taken me 6 years of running from one doctor to another to find out, is not an easy diagnosis. And I am not suspect of a wrong CFS diagnosis, De Meirleir, among 6 other specialist diagnosed me in 2006 with my RNASe-L, PKR, Elastase etc. Shara Mhyll also did with my mitochondrial failure. I also met the criteria of Cheney of diastolic disfunction of the left ventricle, Irsi Caixa also observed the same pattern than the CFS group studied with NK & CD8 abnormalities.

I could go on and on...but what I mean with this is that this B virus may be behind many many CFS diagnosed patients, and Tenofovir may be doing the trick for that reason. I also read that GcMAF is a more efficient treatment for Hepatitis B than retrovirals, and that would explain why some patients are responding to this therapy.

Having normal levels of GPT/GPO, and negative serology for hepatitis is not enough to rule it out as you could see. Not that you can do biopsy directly, first make the liver specialist need to run the molecular blood work, and if the virus is found, it is recommended to run the biopsy to confirm it. To be completely honest, in the opinion of my doctor, even if the blood work came negative He would have recommended a biopsy to make sure, given the many years of symptoms of hepatitis like that I had. Bear in mind that you need a very good specialist that is aware of these advances. They are published by the way.

To be continued ...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Natural treatments for lowering cholesterol


1. Begin with an exercise program and, if overweight, bring your weight down.

2. In men, especially if you are overweight, have high blood pressure, and have diabetes (or are prediabetic), this may ALL be coming from too low of a testosterone level. If your total testosterone is under 450 on the blood test, I would consider using prescription natural testosterone (Androgel or Testim or compounded) to bring your level up over 700.

3. In women, consider a trial of prescription natural Armour Thyroid—even if the labs are normal. High cholesterol is often caused by low thyroid and the tests are horribly unreliable (they miss the majority of those who need thyroid hormone). Consider an exercise stress test before beginning exercise or thyroid. Both are very healthy for the heart, but could unmask heart disease in those with severe heart blockages.

4. Enjoy eating your eggs and cholesterol. Study after study shows that eating 6 eggs a day for 6 weeks has no effect on cholesterol blood levels. Yet this myth persists. Avoid saturated fats (hard fats) and margarine (butter is much healthier and tastier than margarine).

5. Eat 1-3 cloves of garlic a day. Crushed into olive oil, it makes a yummy treat that may drop your cholesterol. In addition, have a cereal with oats (e.g., Life, Cheerios, Quaker Oats Squares) for breakfast. Simply adding garlic and oats to your diet can lower your cholesterol almost as much as many medications. Artichokes also lower cholesterol.

6. Herbals can be quite effective as well at maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. If you can find one I recommend a product that contains inositol hexaniacinate (flush free niacin), berberine, chromium, artichoke, policosanol and deodorized garlic.

7. If triglycerides are also elevated, especially be sure to avoid sweets and add Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1,000 mg a day to the above for 3 months to see if it lowers the triglycerides.

8. If on cholesterol lowering medications (statins), be sure to take Coenzyme Q10 (200 mg a day).


Monday, July 12, 2010

Directory of Who is Who in Spain for CFS

Specialty in alphabetical order:


Lawyer to help with disability
James Cortes
Collective Ronda
Ronda San Pere, 56 Pral.
93 268 21 99

Enrique Bitchatchi (medical expertise to make in case of CFS, Fibro or SQM) (medical and master's in public health and labor) with a long history in various countries working with these diseases. Collectiu has worked for the Round and the Joan XXIII Hospital. You now have more availability.
If anyone needs to contact their phone and email is 93.4519065

Disability attorney in Madrid (This works with Dr. Quintana)
Lourdes: 667 77 79 93


Visit Gascón Lucia by many mutual.
Plaza Dr. I. Barraquer, 6 pral 2 ª Barcelona
tel: 93 439 49 99


Dr. Maria Jesus Ortiz Clavera
Col. No. 44 871
General Medicine, Pediatrics, Microbiology, Medicine and Biological Natural

Paseo Lluis Companys, 12 5-a
08 018-Barcelona
Tel 934856666

Avenida Almendros, 14
28 529-Rivas-Vaciamadrid


Miguel Campillo
Visit by some mutual
Provence, 74, entlo, 3rd Barcelona
tel: 93 410 85 43


Juan Mesa (Mesalud) in Madrid but I do not remember the address.

Sagasta Street 8, 28004 Madrid
Phone: 91 532 9292

Vicente Carreño, is not a CFS specialist, but is the Top liver specialist in Spain, and it is key to rule out a liver damage when you have been diagnosed with CFS, because the liver is 100% linked to fatigue and many CFS symptoms.
C/ Guzmán el Bueno, 72


CERBAS Laboratories

It is good to start with the realization of lymphocyte typing, ILMI immunity studies and serology tests for Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes 1,2 and 6, Herpes zoster and Borrelia. If inflammation is necessary to add a protein profile.

Cerb has three points of collection in Madrid:
- Laboratorios Lopez Salcedo, Orense 29, 2 º D-28020m, tel 915 559 605.
- Medical Lab Carpetana Cent, Manuel Alvarez 4 - 28025M, tel 914 662 474.
- Health Analysis Center, Bravo Murillo 81 low - 28003m, tel 915 334 086.

Outside Madrid:
Krumpp 1, rue Kuhn - 67000 Strasbourg, tel 03 88528200

Stephanie E. Wickham
Consumer / Sales Liaison
Tel: +16786382910

If you want a very good analysis of feces to see is your flora and / or have some type of parasite, I recommend Metametrix test in the U.S., and using PCR with 100% reliability. The only drawback for being in the U.S. is sending you a cooler you can ask cork in a hospital, they tend to overrun them in the laboratories of the samples they receive. It is important that the sample does not freeze, but to be refrigerated all the time. This bubble paper wrapped with the sample, and added four blocks of blue ice (they are like a hard blue plastic bags containing water and you have to put in the freezer until just before shipping is when you include them in the cooler cork without directly touching the sample that will be protected by bubble wrap. So FedEx and it will take to Metametrix. Try it on a Monday so there is no weekend in the middle.

Genova Diagnostics
Branch Madrid: Holistic Medicine
Sierra Gorda, 18
28031 Madrid
Patricia Martinez +34633393803

Data Doctors
Customer Service
Doctor's Data, Inc.
3755 Illinois Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174-2420
Phone: 800.323.2784 (USA & Canada)
0871.218.0052 (United Kingdom)
630.377.8139 (Elsewhere)

Sabater Laboratory for genetic profile:
London, 6 tel. 93 444 32 00 (for 7-21 h. 9
Clínica del Pilar c / Balmes, 271 tel. 93 237 57 81 (24 hours)
Pg Bonanova Bonanova Lab, tel 1967-1967. 93 253 January 1949
Gracia-Guinardó Secretary Coloma, 142 tel. 93,285 36 65

European Laboratory of Nutrients
Dr. Voogelar
Regulierenring 9
3981 LA Bunnik
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 2871492
Fax: +31 30 2802688


Rigau Josepa
Av Catalunya, 12, 3 º, 1 ª
43002 Tarragona

Dr. Antonio Marco Choven
Pasaje Dr. Serra, 1-3 ª pta 9. - 46004 Valencia
Tel: 96 351 43 83 / 96 352 04 02
Fax: 96 352 41 71

Dr. Kurk
CVS / ME centrum Amsterdam
Waalstraat 25-31
1078 BR Amsterdam
Tel: 020 470 62 90
Fax: 020 470 62 99


In Belgium
Protea Biopharma
Z.1 Researchpark 100
B-1731 Belgium Zellik
Phone: +32 2 481 53 10
Fax: +32 2 481 53 11

In Barcelona:
Ana Maria Garcia Quintana col # 25 309
Barcelona Centro Medico Delfos
Military Hospital Avenue, 149-161
08023 Barcelona Spain
Tel: +3493 254 50 78

In Madrid:
Dr. Ana García Quintana
33 21 33 902
91 490 55 69
Centro Medico La Moraleja
@ c.m.moraleja
Phone: 916500612
Phone 2: 916 500 662

Ana María Moreno: Want to replicate the analysis of mitochondrial dysfunction Mac Laren, and validates the level UK study Spanish, because the doctors here do not ignore this study, as well as being in English, do not understand its meaning . This doctor wants to study the FM and CFS at the mitochondrial level.


Chinesse Medical Center TASTLY GROUP BV
67-73 Geldersekade
Amsterdam 1011EK
+3120 623 50 60

Judith Maria Flores Gelfo
Collegiate Odontóloga 3623
C / Alfonso XII, 58
28014 Madrid (Spain)
Tel 91 528 66 14
91 527 17 65

In Barcelona:
Carmen Ros
Corsica, phone 378 934 570 012

Aviano / Umberto Tirelli (specialist in CFS in Italy)


Alborada Foundation
Crtra. M-600 Km 32.400
Brunete (Madrid 28 690)


Maybe You Can try Mutaflor, contains Escherichia coli That, Which is NECESSARY for the rest of flora to grow. If you are deficient On this one, no matter how many strains of lactobacillus or bifidus You Take, They Will Not Grow, and pathogen will.

Here is how to buy MUTAFLOR:

Metropolitan Pharmacy
Apotheke am Flughafen München
Walter M. Verfürth, E.K.
Zentralbereich, Ebene 03
Terminal 2, Ebene 04 und 05
Flughafen München 85 356
Tel: +49 - 89 - 978 802 200
Fax: +49 - 89 - 978 802 206
@ jose.dias
Amtsgericht München HRA 68 267
From day 1 to day 4, one capsule daily Mutaflor, Then 2 capsules daily.
The dose should be complete Taken daily with a meal, if possible with breakfast, and an Appropriate amount of fluid.
Storage: 2 ° C - 8 ° C

You will Benefit from antivirals Labolife Only When your viral load at the IgG level is higher than 4 times the reference value of your lab, if this is not the case, it does not make sense to take Labolife for Epstein Barr or Citomegalovirus:


How to get Labolife? It is for sale in Spain, Italy and Belgium... Try to contact them, maybe there is a way to be sold overseas...

Labo'Life Belgium
Parc scientifique CREALYS
Rue Camille Hubert, 11
5032 Gembloux
tel : 00 32 81 40 87 81 -

Labo'Life España S.A.
Avenida des Raiguer, 7
07330 Consell - Majorque
tel : 00 34 971 14 20 35 -

Labo'Life Italia s.r.l
Via Andrea Costa, 2
20131 Milano
tel : 00 39 02 763 16 146 -

I have something else to add regarding treating EBV with Labolife:

For EBV there are 2 available products

90% of the cases, show an hiporeactivity (that is to say, although some parameter of the lynfocite typology is elevated, some other is diminished CD3 or CD54 etc...) In this case we apply 2LEBV (contains interleukin that activate the immune system + nucleic acids specific for this virus)

The rest 10%, the show immune hiperreactivity (that is to say, some or all parameters of the lynfocite typology are elevated, but none is diminished) In this case we use 2LXFS (Contains interleukins antiinflamatory + nucleic acid secific for EBV+CMV+H.Zoster)
Dose is 1 capsule a day, open it and put in below the tongue, always following the numeration and with an empty stomach, preferably not in the night.

H2S in urine test used as a diagnosis of CFS by KENNY DE MEIRLEIR

In KENNY DE MEIRLEIR Paper explaining the H2S:

Link to ask the urine test and measure the H2S:

Article by Dr. Mhyll speaking of treatment with an antibiotic is not absorbed into blood and acts only in the colon on rifaximin H2S-producing bacteria:


The dr. Guxens and dramatic. Rosa Junyent
IGEM c / Marina, 63 bjos. 2nd. (Barcelona)
Tel 932 462 749

Friday, May 28, 2010

26th of May Conference of Daniel Peterson and Kenny de Meirleir

Yesterday we have gone to Madrid to hear Dr. Dan Peterson’s lecture.
It was an all morning session about XMRV, and the first to talk was Dr. Dan Peterson. He shared with everybody some of the findings in XMRV (nothing new) with many references to Dr. Judy Mikovits and the WPI, and his slides were the same that Dr. Mikovits uses in her lectures. The reasons for leaving the WPI were more a personal decision in order to have more time for himself after 25 years of service. He seems to be having a nice rest and is very happy to have the time to go sailing again.

At some point It was mentioned by Daniel Peterson, that so far the best biomarker for CFS is the Low NKCell function test, and that if your budget was restricted, this would be the test to do, I guess He was referring to the same direction than Dr. Klimas is always talking about as well.

The second lecture was from Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, very interesting, focused on the fact that the most important thing now is to have a simple and good XMRV Test for all the researchers. He assured that they already have the test and it works, and it is a matter of days that they will make it available, 3 to 4 weeks probably.

De Meirleir also talked about all the work that is being done and possible treatments. Dr. Marc Fremont’s lecture was very technical about this test, and finally, Dr. Chris Roelant talked about the urine test they already have, which indicates intestinal dysbiosis is present in these patients.

Some of the questions posted in the Conference were regarding the recent German study, and the fact that XMRV is 3 times more present in immune compromised patients already tells you that there is an immune problem on CFS patients where most of them have the retrovirus.

There are three pathways affected on CFS which affect muscles and CNS:


There are also 3 pats of the immune system affected:

Th1 Linked to viral reactivation and intracellular infection due to an excessive hypersensitivity
Th2 Linked to pathogens, allergies and inflammation and blood brain barrier dysfunction
Th17 Linked to autoimmunity and inflammation and blood brain barrier dysfunction

De Meirleir elaborated later on that Th2 imbalance that causes diseases such as CFS, Autism, HIV, MCS, Mercury exposure, Allergies, Parasites.
Th1 relates to cell-based immunity Th2 relates to Humoral immunity

You can see a bit on the conference in this link:

Daniel Peterson Q&A

Kenny de Meirleir Q&A

When we asked Daniel Peterson to comment on Dr. Hubert lecture of last Monday in London, his answer was that Huber had positives 17 of the 19 samples that were sent to her, but She only spoke of the samples of other doctors who have tested negative. Daniel Peterson has said that once again we face the uncertainty of correctness in the samples tested, but also added that if She would have done a good job, She could not have all negatives, at least 3% would be positive, as we see is happening with the recent German study.

When we asked about the fact that HIV patients that are XMRV positive and have CFS, are not reacting to their current antiretroviral treatment, and that could lead to the possibility that XMRV is just a passenger virus in a depressed immune system, his answer was that actually that would be one possibility, and the other one is that they are taking the wrong drug, because XMRV is a different retrovirus, and they are being treated for HIV.

When we asked about the German study, and the fact that XMRV has been found now in the respiratory tract, and that could lead to new ways to detect XMRV different from the ones used in WPI, He said that is a big possibility. As we know blood is not the reservoir of XMRV, maybe the brain or the liver...

There were some other questions regarding the prevalence of CFS in children, banning blood donations, etc...

I will not add the whole Conference because is very time consuming, but I will review it and if I remember something relevant I will post in written expanding this current facebook note