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THIS WORKS! Immunology and the treatment of CFS (Post 8)

Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: (English) or (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

As you can see in the chart, I have been registering the "status" of my days scoring days from 1 to 10 based on my symptoms and intensity. Since I am following the protocol of my immunologist Josepa Rigau, I am experiencing a clear average score improvement.

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In this post I will talk about my new approach to CFS through an immunologist that I just visited in Tarragona (Catalunya). It changes the whole approach for treatments, and on top of making a lot of sense, it is working big time, or at least to me.

The latest studies of CFS points to a chronic infection in the stomach of enterovirus. The theory for this illness is that they always appear after a viral insult to the body that leaves the intestine affected and exposed to the leak of all kind of toxins and heavy metals. Besides the flora gets unbalanced and that is why we develop so many intolerances such as gluten, etc.

After trying a lot of treatments with antiviral, antibiotics, supplements… and after having several doctors: Dr. Quintana, Dr. De Meirleir, Dr. Kurk… I can’t say that they have solved the problem. I think that they have done their best, and they have achieved some progress, but the underlying condition remains there: recurrent infections, intestinal parasites, fungi, faringitis, extreme fatigue depending on the day or the moment… Also I did not like the fact that these doctors sometimes prescribed antibiotics, without really confirming the presence of a pathogen, only assuming it... I prefer to use antibiotics, ONLY when is necessary and the pathogen has been identified...

The new protocol that I am trying does not contain a single medication, and is working the best so far up until now. Dra. Josepa Rigau is an immunologist specialized in treating cancer patients, but she started to treat some people with CFS by azar, when a cousin of her came to her with the problem. She realized that it was an immune problem from the very beginning. She treated her with autovaccum for cytomegalovirus and other supplements, and she is doing quite well now. The same I can say for myself. She gave a presentation in Barcelona recently: (in spanish, but soon to be translated)

In her opinion, with viruses, and pathogens in general, the best strategy is not the use of antiviral, antibiotics, etc… because that helps to kill them, but also kills the whole immune system. The way to go in her opinion is to create a hostile environment in our body for this viruses and parasites, so that they do not feel comfortable anymore in there and they tend to leave. Just as an example, if we fill our colon with the gas oz Ozone which will nourish the lining of the colon with oxygen, that will make that parasites that live in the intestine wall do not feel well there anymore, as they can’t live in the oxygen, and they will go with the food trying to look for another place to live.

Here is my meeting with Dr. Rigau and the results of Analysis performed and treatment proposed:



In Madrid I run some blood test called IMI in Labs CERBA in order to check for amino acids and serology and the functioning of my white cells. Depending on that we would decide to go for the autovaccum or the homeopathic antiviral.

The autovaccum consists on extracting some blood, treat it with alcohol and eater, covert it into powder, and inject it under the skin, where the lymphocytes T act, and not the Lymphocytes B that acts in the blood stream.

Al alternative to the autovaccum is the homeopathic antiviral from Labo Life, there are versions for EBV, CMV, HHV6, etc… This acts as an immune activator and as a blocker of cellular division that avoids the mutation of active viruses.

The Transfer Factor that I used to take, acts as an immune modulator, but stays in the intestine, and therefore is not comparable to the autovaccum or the homeopathic antiviral of Labo Life. Finally after receiving my results, the doctor opted for Labo Life in my case, given that my immune system responds properly to viruses.



HHV-6 IgG 1/80 >1/40 POSITIVE
Borrelia Burgdorferi IgG 0,58 <1 NEGATIVE
AC Borrelia Burgdorferi IgM 0,07 <1 NEGATIVE
AC Herpes Simplex1 IgG 0,48 <0,9 NEGATIVE
AC Herpes Simplex1 IgM 0,24 <0,9 NEGATIVE
AC Herpes Simplex2 IgG 0,15 <0,9 NEGATIVE
AC Herpes Simplex2 IgM 0,36 <0,9 NEGATIVE
AC Varicela Zorster IgG 1,77 >0,9 POSITIVE
AC Varicela Zoster IgM 0,32 <0,9 NEGATIVE
AC EBV IgM V.C.A. 1/10 >1/10 POSITIVE (greater or equal to)
AC EBV IgG V.C.A. 1/640 >1/10 POSITIVE


The results of the analysis, showed a high level of cholesterol and LDL. As well there was presence of antibodies of IgG HHV6. The proteic profile did not show inflammatory signs.

The results of the virology test reveal the presence of Herpes Zoster under normal limits. Nevertheless there is a clear chronic mononucleosis infection by Epstein Barr Virus. There is evidence of the existence of antibodies of anti-EBNA (Epstein Barr Nuclear Antigens), together with presence of antibodies IgG anti-VCA (Anti viral capside ). This is the typical case of a constant state of infection where there has not been reached any immunity. There is also clear activity of Cytomegalovirus, where we should see an IgG below 100 in order to consider that immunity has been reached.
EBV and CMV act many times together, therefore we will try to reduce both through homeopathic antiviral of Labo Life.

The lymphocyte count reveals a situation of normal activity from the immune system point of view. There is a good response of the CHM I, nevertheless important to mention that there is a cellular inversion in the CHM II and a dip below normal limits in the tactive cells (precursors for T8cit).

In theory, this let us observe a deficiency of the immune system against intestinal parasites, fungi and pathogens, probably due to the extra effort that the immune system is doing in the viral part.




Arginina 61 40-102
Fenilalanina 51 37-61
Histidina 56 45-61
Isoleucina 62 37-87
Leucina 126 82-153
Lisina 124 123-237
Metionina * 35,5 19-31
Treonina * 52,7 87-124
Triptofano * 38,2 44-55
Valina 230,8 177-298


Alanita 285 240-405
Asparragina 63 45-65
Aspartico 3,6 2-4,65
Cisterna 16,2 8,5-24
Glicina 177 166-300
Glutámico 41,1 30-57
Glutamina * 435 490-600
Prolina 152 130-220
Serina 93 72-119
Tirosina 62 42-70


Metilhistidina 0 <10
Alfa amino adipico 0 <5
Alfa amino butirico 15,4 11-25
Anserina 0
Beta Alanita 0 4,5-8
Carnitina 0
Cistationina-1 0
Cistationina-2 0
Beta amino isobutirico 0
Citrulina 25 25-40
Fosfoetanolamina 0,7 3,3-8,3
Fosfoserina 2,9 5,3-10,5
Gamma Aminobutirico 4,2 0,8-8,1
Hidroxilisina-1y2 0
Hidroxiprolina 9,1 4,3-23
Ornitina 88,5 60-129
Taurina* 68,8 80-152


A) Amino acids that contain sulfur

Taurina Low Level: Indicates digestive problems with fat, deficit of lipolitic proteins. They are associated with high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular alterations and beta adrenergic dysfunctions.

Metionina high level, is associated with hepatic detox function, ileocecal and gastric resection or unbalanced intestinal flora.

B) Amino acids for polypeptides and sources of energy. They are used to sensitize peptides and proteins. Represent 50% of ingestion.

Treonina Low Levels are associated with hypoglycemia manifested with fatigue, headaches and anxiety.

Neurotransmitters and precursors

Triptofano Precursor of serotonin (stabilizer of mood ) and melatonin (controller of sleep/insomnia). Low level implies tendency to depression.

Amino acids related with the cycle of UREA. This is a critical metabolic process.

Glutamine: Is the source of energy of enterocites and neurons. Is a natural balance. Reflects problems of desintoxication from the ammonia and / or a diet poor in essential amino acids.

Amino acids related with Glicina and Serina

Fosfoetanolamina Competes in the brain with GABA and controls its inhibitory action.
Fosfoserina, in neurodegeneration.

Beta Aminoácids. Does not make part of the proteins. Is a precursor of biliar acids, antioxidants of neurotransmitters and metabolic control.

Beta Alanita low, status of exhaustation..


In general is recommended to eat antioxidants in a natural way: 5 pieces of fruits or vegetables a day, mixing 4 different colors: white, green, red and yellow. What counts is the color of what you eat. In that way you will have daily all the minerals that you need.


With the meals:

- Eye-Q (Vitae): 2 pills in each meal. Is an Omega 3 that alleviates the dry eyes and lowers the cholesterol..
- L’equilibrium Vital (Minerals -2 in each meal ), take it only when the PH in the urine is unbalanced. Its rol is to balance the acids and the alkaline among the things we eat. We need to measure the PH in the urine 3 times a day, once every 10 days.
- Microfloriana: probiotic to restore the flora in the intestine. Preferably take at the same time we do the cleansing with Puricorp.
Semana1: 5cc with breakfast
Week 2: 5cc with breakfast and 5cc with dinner
Week 3: 10cc with breakfast y 10cc with dinner
Week 4: 10cc with breakfast, 10cc with lunch y 10cc with dinner
From the 5th week onwards, take 10cc in the morning until you finish the product., and then switch to another probiotic: Darmocare, Acydophilus, Lactobacilus, VSL-3...
- Milk thistle, artichoke and chlorophyll in pills or solution diluted in juice. This will help the liver to detox, take with the main meals, especially when there is fat or proteins. Cat’s Claw in an activator of the immune system, but I do not need it at this time
- Chlorella & espirulina, one cleans you from minerals, and the other one does them, and although seems like a contradiction to take both at the same time, both of them have chlorophyll, and therefore oxygenates the intestinal tract and prevent bacteria to remain there.

Out of the Meals:

(Morning and night cocktail)

- Envozyme (Papaya Enzyme Complex) doses of 6 pills, to be taken out of meals, and only when there is muscle pain and illness sensation.
- Puricorp (Suravitasan-Antiparasites treatment of 21 days- 5 in the morning and 5 in the night – not with the meals
- Citrobiotic/Citriplus: Extract of grape frut seeds to fight fungical infections. Take daily during 3 months, and then one week out of 4. Always dilute 15 drops in water in the morning and the night without mixing it with probiotics. Also can be used as an antiseptic in the skin, but not directly, but mixed with water.
- Glutamine: Twice a day, in the morning and the night. It is a source of energy for the intestinal mucosa and the brain.
- Ergytaurina (Nutergia) twice a day with the meals.

(Only in the mornings : Can still take what I used to)

- NAC + Vitamin C in ascorbat form
- Multivitamin supplement

(Sublinguals- only in the morning)

- 2LEBV (Labolife) once a day with no food in the stomach. (Continue until June to check again the blood)
- 2LCMV (Labolife) once a day with no food in the stomach, not in the night because it could alter the quality of sleep. (Continue until June, but only the first 10 days of each month, and the in June check again the blood)
- Magnesium+Vitamin B6 (PHO) Discoflash one tablet
- Mucosa Compositum (Heel) Is an activator of the intestinal mucosa. Box1 (one a day with empty stomach), Box 2 (3 per week with empty stomach), Box 3 and 4 (2 per week with empty stomach)
- Coenzyme Compositum (Heel) Is the same principal, but for the liver. Take once you are done with the previous one. Box1 (one a day with empty stomach), Box 2 (3 per week with empty stomach), Box 3 and 4 (2 per week with empty stomach)

(Only in the night)

- 5 http/Solgar (one a day) This one enhances the mood and offsets the low level of triptofano which is the precursor of serotonin.

Additional Treatments Recommended:

Colon cleansing with oxygen (ozone treatment) Institute of Biological Medicine (Dr. Domingo Garcia de Leon)
Blood cleansing with ozone treatment (like a dialysis) This one is less recommendable, given that the anticoagulant can cause allergies, and therefore is an effective but invasive method.

These treatments, oxygen our blood and our colon, and both viruses and parasites feel quite uncomfortable in a place where there is oxygen. Therefore we will become more resistant to these pathogens, and our immune systems is stronger. This is the objective actually, to save work to the immune system creating an alkaline environment and oxygenated that does not allow the virus to divide and creates an unfriendly ambience for pathogens.

Genetic Profile of the urine:

This is a genetic study that can be done later, and it reflects the farmacogenetic of the liver taking into account 15 genes and 92 poliformisms. This is called LITOCROMO P450, and it also is done out of Spain. This study will give us information of what foods or medications are not assimilated by our liver and therefore should be skipped. The problem is that insurance only covers you this study when you have cancer or aids…

Advice for the comments I received: (Please better send me an email, I can't otherwise answer an anonymous comment)

Is definitely worth to pay a visit to Dr. Josepa Rigau, since I started her protocol i feel a clear improvement, not yet 100%, but my average day is 60%, when it used to be 40%, so is only 4 months since i started, and i already feel a difference. Josepa Rigau: +34977220358

It would be very revealing to check your flora, when you have a disbiosys (altered balance of good and bad bacteria) your whole immune system can be depressed and could explain why you are not able to fight viruses or other infections. To check your flora, you need to pass a TFT (Triple Faeces Test - 3 samples, 3 days in a row). If they find a pathogen like entamoeba Histolitica, Giardia Lambia, etc you will be treated with antibiotics, if so, take a lot of probiotics to restore your flora. In any case, even if you only show comensals such as blastocystis hominis, endollimax nana, entamoeba coli, etc... still it is a good idea to use probiotics regularly. Witch brands so that you put inside a variety of good bacterias: acydophilus, lactobacilus, etc... Also very highly recomended to search for a doctor that puts ozone in your colon with gas, it is a natural antibiotic and wont harm you at al, and will make your colon an unfriendly place for parasites, bacteria and viruses...all that will boost your immune system.

Only if HHV6, EBV or CMV were an issue in your case, then labolife will help you to reduce the viral load.

This antivirals are supposed to lower the viral load through some months you should get tested again to see if it helped you. I do not know if there are other medications for HHV6, but before trying heavy stuff that Dr. Montoya is using for a clinical trial, I would try better the omeopatic antiviral I told you, it contains very mall dosis of interferon, and it will help you to reduce the virus.

How to get Labolife? It is for sale in Spain, Italy and Belgium... Try to contact them, maybe there is a way to be sold overseas...

Labo'Life Belgium
Parc scientifique CREALYS
Rue Camille Hubert, 11
5032 Gembloux
tel : 00 32 81 40 87 81 -

Labo'Life España S.A.
Avenida des Raiguer, 7
07330 Consell - Majorque
tel : 00 34 971 14 20 35 -

Labo'Life Italia s.r.l
Via Andrea Costa, 2
20131 Milano
tel : 00 39 02 763 16 146 -

Hope this helps you, and wish you the best....