Monday, July 12, 2010

Directory of Who is Who in Spain for CFS

Specialty in alphabetical order:


Lawyer to help with disability
James Cortes
Collective Ronda
Ronda San Pere, 56 Pral.
93 268 21 99

Enrique Bitchatchi (medical expertise to make in case of CFS, Fibro or SQM) (medical and master's in public health and labor) with a long history in various countries working with these diseases. Collectiu has worked for the Round and the Joan XXIII Hospital. You now have more availability.
If anyone needs to contact their phone and email is 93.4519065

Disability attorney in Madrid (This works with Dr. Quintana)
Lourdes: 667 77 79 93


Visit Gascón Lucia by many mutual.
Plaza Dr. I. Barraquer, 6 pral 2 ª Barcelona
tel: 93 439 49 99


Dr. Maria Jesus Ortiz Clavera
Col. No. 44 871
General Medicine, Pediatrics, Microbiology, Medicine and Biological Natural

Paseo Lluis Companys, 12 5-a
08 018-Barcelona
Tel 934856666

Avenida Almendros, 14
28 529-Rivas-Vaciamadrid


Miguel Campillo
Visit by some mutual
Provence, 74, entlo, 3rd Barcelona
tel: 93 410 85 43


Juan Mesa (Mesalud) in Madrid but I do not remember the address.

Sagasta Street 8, 28004 Madrid
Phone: 91 532 9292

Vicente Carreño, is not a CFS specialist, but is the Top liver specialist in Spain, and it is key to rule out a liver damage when you have been diagnosed with CFS, because the liver is 100% linked to fatigue and many CFS symptoms.
C/ Guzmán el Bueno, 72


CERBAS Laboratories

It is good to start with the realization of lymphocyte typing, ILMI immunity studies and serology tests for Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes 1,2 and 6, Herpes zoster and Borrelia. If inflammation is necessary to add a protein profile.

Cerb has three points of collection in Madrid:
- Laboratorios Lopez Salcedo, Orense 29, 2 º D-28020m, tel 915 559 605.
- Medical Lab Carpetana Cent, Manuel Alvarez 4 - 28025M, tel 914 662 474.
- Health Analysis Center, Bravo Murillo 81 low - 28003m, tel 915 334 086.

Outside Madrid:
Krumpp 1, rue Kuhn - 67000 Strasbourg, tel 03 88528200

Stephanie E. Wickham
Consumer / Sales Liaison
Tel: +16786382910

If you want a very good analysis of feces to see is your flora and / or have some type of parasite, I recommend Metametrix test in the U.S., and using PCR with 100% reliability. The only drawback for being in the U.S. is sending you a cooler you can ask cork in a hospital, they tend to overrun them in the laboratories of the samples they receive. It is important that the sample does not freeze, but to be refrigerated all the time. This bubble paper wrapped with the sample, and added four blocks of blue ice (they are like a hard blue plastic bags containing water and you have to put in the freezer until just before shipping is when you include them in the cooler cork without directly touching the sample that will be protected by bubble wrap. So FedEx and it will take to Metametrix. Try it on a Monday so there is no weekend in the middle.

Genova Diagnostics
Branch Madrid: Holistic Medicine
Sierra Gorda, 18
28031 Madrid
Patricia Martinez +34633393803

Data Doctors
Customer Service
Doctor's Data, Inc.
3755 Illinois Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174-2420
Phone: 800.323.2784 (USA & Canada)
0871.218.0052 (United Kingdom)
630.377.8139 (Elsewhere)

Sabater Laboratory for genetic profile:
London, 6 tel. 93 444 32 00 (for 7-21 h. 9
Clínica del Pilar c / Balmes, 271 tel. 93 237 57 81 (24 hours)
Pg Bonanova Bonanova Lab, tel 1967-1967. 93 253 January 1949
Gracia-Guinardó Secretary Coloma, 142 tel. 93,285 36 65

European Laboratory of Nutrients
Dr. Voogelar
Regulierenring 9
3981 LA Bunnik
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 2871492
Fax: +31 30 2802688


Rigau Josepa
Av Catalunya, 12, 3 º, 1 ª
43002 Tarragona

Dr. Antonio Marco Choven
Pasaje Dr. Serra, 1-3 ª pta 9. - 46004 Valencia
Tel: 96 351 43 83 / 96 352 04 02
Fax: 96 352 41 71

Dr. Kurk
CVS / ME centrum Amsterdam
Waalstraat 25-31
1078 BR Amsterdam
Tel: 020 470 62 90
Fax: 020 470 62 99


In Belgium
Protea Biopharma
Z.1 Researchpark 100
B-1731 Belgium Zellik
Phone: +32 2 481 53 10
Fax: +32 2 481 53 11

In Barcelona:
Ana Maria Garcia Quintana col # 25 309
Barcelona Centro Medico Delfos
Military Hospital Avenue, 149-161
08023 Barcelona Spain
Tel: +3493 254 50 78

In Madrid:
Dr. Ana García Quintana
33 21 33 902
91 490 55 69
Centro Medico La Moraleja
@ c.m.moraleja
Phone: 916500612
Phone 2: 916 500 662

Ana María Moreno: Want to replicate the analysis of mitochondrial dysfunction Mac Laren, and validates the level UK study Spanish, because the doctors here do not ignore this study, as well as being in English, do not understand its meaning . This doctor wants to study the FM and CFS at the mitochondrial level.


Chinesse Medical Center TASTLY GROUP BV
67-73 Geldersekade
Amsterdam 1011EK
+3120 623 50 60

Judith Maria Flores Gelfo
Collegiate Odontóloga 3623
C / Alfonso XII, 58
28014 Madrid (Spain)
Tel 91 528 66 14
91 527 17 65

In Barcelona:
Carmen Ros
Corsica, phone 378 934 570 012

Aviano / Umberto Tirelli (specialist in CFS in Italy)


Alborada Foundation
Crtra. M-600 Km 32.400
Brunete (Madrid 28 690)


Maybe You Can try Mutaflor, contains Escherichia coli That, Which is NECESSARY for the rest of flora to grow. If you are deficient On this one, no matter how many strains of lactobacillus or bifidus You Take, They Will Not Grow, and pathogen will.

Here is how to buy MUTAFLOR:

Metropolitan Pharmacy
Apotheke am Flughafen München
Walter M. Verfürth, E.K.
Zentralbereich, Ebene 03
Terminal 2, Ebene 04 und 05
Flughafen München 85 356
Tel: +49 - 89 - 978 802 200
Fax: +49 - 89 - 978 802 206
@ jose.dias
Amtsgericht München HRA 68 267
From day 1 to day 4, one capsule daily Mutaflor, Then 2 capsules daily.
The dose should be complete Taken daily with a meal, if possible with breakfast, and an Appropriate amount of fluid.
Storage: 2 ° C - 8 ° C

You will Benefit from antivirals Labolife Only When your viral load at the IgG level is higher than 4 times the reference value of your lab, if this is not the case, it does not make sense to take Labolife for Epstein Barr or Citomegalovirus:


How to get Labolife? It is for sale in Spain, Italy and Belgium... Try to contact them, maybe there is a way to be sold overseas...

Labo'Life Belgium
Parc scientifique CREALYS
Rue Camille Hubert, 11
5032 Gembloux
tel : 00 32 81 40 87 81 -

Labo'Life España S.A.
Avenida des Raiguer, 7
07330 Consell - Majorque
tel : 00 34 971 14 20 35 -

Labo'Life Italia s.r.l
Via Andrea Costa, 2
20131 Milano
tel : 00 39 02 763 16 146 -

I have something else to add regarding treating EBV with Labolife:

For EBV there are 2 available products

90% of the cases, show an hiporeactivity (that is to say, although some parameter of the lynfocite typology is elevated, some other is diminished CD3 or CD54 etc...) In this case we apply 2LEBV (contains interleukin that activate the immune system + nucleic acids specific for this virus)

The rest 10%, the show immune hiperreactivity (that is to say, some or all parameters of the lynfocite typology are elevated, but none is diminished) In this case we use 2LXFS (Contains interleukins antiinflamatory + nucleic acid secific for EBV+CMV+H.Zoster)
Dose is 1 capsule a day, open it and put in below the tongue, always following the numeration and with an empty stomach, preferably not in the night.

H2S in urine test used as a diagnosis of CFS by KENNY DE MEIRLEIR

In KENNY DE MEIRLEIR Paper explaining the H2S:

Link to ask the urine test and measure the H2S:

Article by Dr. Mhyll speaking of treatment with an antibiotic is not absorbed into blood and acts only in the colon on rifaximin H2S-producing bacteria:


The dr. Guxens and dramatic. Rosa Junyent
IGEM c / Marina, 63 bjos. 2nd. (Barcelona)
Tel 932 462 749