Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gut problems...the next step Post 7

Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: www.pochoams.blogspot.com (English) or www.sfc-tratamiento.blogspot.com (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (www.redlabs.be), Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

Well, here I come to continue this blog with an update of my current medical condition.

Because I had parasitosis, rectal bleeding, food intolerances and celiac markers in my serum, the gastroenterologist decided to run a colonoscopy and endoscopy with biopsy to rule out celiac disease or other diseases. The results of the biopsy were good, I am not celiac, but they diagnosed a espastic colon, which is no news to me, because I suffer from IBS for a long time already.

The thing is that during one month I have been eating gluten, lactose, and all the things that I am supposed to be intolerant to, due to this colonoscopy that had to be done. Probably because of this I have been feeling worse with my IBS. Besides I have experienced gastritis once or twice a month since June 2007, and unfortunatelly my EBV IgM became positive in my last blood test.

The 31st of October I obtained my last stool test, after 20 days treatment of my Entamoeba Hystolitica with yodoxin and metronidazol, and these were the results:

- Cysts of Endolimax nana (POSITIVE)
- Cysts of Iodamoeba butschlii (POSITIVE)
- Cysts of Blastocystis Hominis (POSITIVE)
- ELISA de Helicobacter Pylori (POSITIVE)

The good news is that there is no trace of Entamoeba Hystolitica, and the bad news is that Blastocystis Hominis is still present, as well as other commensals that point for an umbalanced flora in my gut.

In January I repeated the stool test, after taking a natural treatment with Puri-corp (roots to clean parasites), and the results were slightly better (one less):

- Cysts of Endolimax nana (POSITIVE)
- Cysts of Blastocystis Hominis (POSITIVE)
- ELISA de Helicobacter Pylori (POSITIVE)

Besides this, I am going to see an inmmunologist in Tarragona the 5th of November (Spain) that someone reccomended me, her name is:

Josepa Rigau
Av. Catalunya 12, 3º 1ª
43002 Tarragona
tel: 977220358

As well, I spoke with Jose Jimeno from ZELTIA (Cancer biotechnology company that just launched Yondelis in the market), and he tells me that a good friend of him, that is an oncologist, has specialized in CFS and is one of the best practicioners in Europe, his name is Humberto Tirelli, and is located in Aviano, close to Venice. I will get his address from Jose Jimeno soon, and I will also pay him a visit. (utirelli@cro.it / 0434 41416)

The reason for keep on seeking specialized medical help, is simply because I am still not recoverd, I have improved, yes I have, but I still suffer crisis, and the underlying condition is still there. So I hope that my experience keeps on bringing light to those of you that play in this team.

I consider myself lucky in many respects, my personality helps, I am a positive person, my economical situation helps as well, I had access to good professionals, my progression has been slow, but positive. I am full of hope, and confident that I will recover, and I beleive on that from my heart.