Wednesday, December 31, 2008

starting well 2009...

Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: (English) or (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

Dear all

Just to wish you a 2009 full of health, and to let you know that fater having a bad relapse of 2 months, I seem to revocer nicely now, cross my fingers...

The evaluation of 2008 in my case, is a positive one, I have had 8 excellent months from March to October, and then a relapse until very recently after I did the bioresonances in Munich. I can not critizize the technique as such, but at least, I can claim that is did not any good to me, neither clinically nor through lab test.

At this moment I am not taking any supplements, more than Labolife for EBV and CMV. Besides I take Naturalith (zeolites) to detox my colon, and some homeopatic drops for a detected geopathy that I had at home (this is new, and diagnosed by a Kinesiologyst). In 2009 I will take some homeopatic drops for the 22 types of candida he detected as well. But for the time being I am just detoxing with Naturalith. This is what Josepa Rigau (My inmunologist) recommended me at this point. She also adviced to make a Genetic Profile in order to be more accurate in the treatment to follow, given that taking supplements is a good thing, but the right supplements is provided by this analisys. A Genetic profile gives you information on polyformisms that let you know which things you can absorb, and which you can't. Also the medications, supplements, foods, that you can take and the wants you should not because creates toxicity in your liver etc... Once I do this analisys I will post it here to let you know.

I am glad to share with you that I started to feel well again, and I hope it last through 2009, and also wish you do yourselves as well in your road to recovery.

All the best


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bioresonance Treatment in Munich (Not recommended)

Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: (English) or (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

My last Experimental Research Tourism Trip (Munich)

These are the data of the doctor in case you are interested.

Dr. Axel Konold
Medicina Bioenergetica
Genetic Inmunologist
Specialist in Diagnostic and treatment
Telefono: +4989393202

The nurse is called Wennrich, she speaks a bit English
There is another nurse that speaks french called Arlette Segolane

Treatment spectrum:
Multiple Esclerosis, Colitis ulcerosa, Polyarthritis, Arterioesclerosis...
Bioenergia y Terapia de cander
Psico-inmune distress status


Maffeistrasse 3
80333 Munich

I was there in October 2008, and I update this post in December once I got my lab test done. The man speaks very little english, but he could be a crack or a great ripp off. Really depends on how open minded you are about holistic medicine. To me personally, I gave him the chance to fix what he saw wrong inside me, is a mix between faith and facts that lead me to this decission. Besides, although I feel now so much better now, I still have recurrent infections, orthostatic intolerance, tiredness and an altered immune system by lab test.

This guy has his practice in Munich, and although he is a doctor, he focus on bioresonance to treat his patients, he has even treated people with cancer and HIV claiming to have god results with them. You really have to make an exercise of faith regarding these issues. His system is a bit science fiction, but I have seen with my own eyes and listened with my own ears things that make me consider there is a point of trueth in the whole thing, i will explain mysel now...

He has a machine of bioresonance, that we can call "hardware", and then he has about 100 trays filled with bottles that we can consider "software". Each little bottle contains especific information: virus, tumors, chakras, meridians, genetic profiles, you name it... you hold a steel barr in your left hand that is connected to the machine, and he holds a electrical pen that is also connected to the machine and to a couple of plastified pages that cover each tray. When he touches you, the machine pronounce a strong noice and the counter goes above 50, and that means that you do not have any of the things contained in the tray. When the machine sounds less and the counter does not go beyond 30, then he knows he has to find out which bottle in the tray is your problem, and goes one by one until he finds out.

I could see how my Epstein Barr Virus showed up during the diagnostic, the counter did not surpassed 30, and the sound was low. Nevertheless he mentioned that EBV was not the main problem, it was a secondary problem. The main problem were some parasites that he found in the linfatic system of the liver and in the intestines. He also found two types of borrelia inside me, but he clarified that is not from a tick bite, the borrelia came from the parasites that live in my linfatic system and is at intracelular level, therefore it would not show up in a blood test.

This is a summary of what he saw:

Immune System:

Borreliosis afzelii
Borreliosis japonica
Two types of parasites in the liver: Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola buski

Genetic Profile: He found a genetic problem that gives me predisposition for a failure in the Central nervous system and also some blockage at a psychosomatic level that affect the vegetative-motor function. He sustains that stress is always the trigger to develop an illness that you are predisposed to have.

Part of the vocabulary used here might be incorrect, given that communication was difficult, although I had an interpreter.
The relevant part here is the "software" or little bottles, which is his own research, and that is the key for success in someone that applies bioresonance, because the machine is available for any body that pays 30.000 $ for it, the skills you learn from basics and develop what he did.

I came back in 3 weeks for treatment and this is what he treated:
Fasciola Buskii (liver, linfatic system, W.O. and RESII)
Fasciola Hepatica (W.O. and RESII)
Boreliosis Afzetii (Heart, W.O. and RESII)
Borreliosis Japonica (W.O. , RESII and 2nd Chakra)
Epstein Barr Virus (heart)
Central Psycogenetic Immune Dysfunction (DNA, RESII, OHNE)

I had improved A LOT with Dr. Josepa Rigau restablishing my immune system, but I still carry some glitches, my nausea has dissapeared but not my fatigue at a lesser degree, neither my irritable bowel, or sincopes, recurrent infections, I am not soved 100%, but I am lets sat at 70% of my capacity, versus 40% that I used to be one year ago.

It is a bit amazing the things he has seen without telling him my medical history... He has detected several bacteria, parasites and virus:
Epstein Barr Virus
Borrelia Japonica
Borrelia Afdelii
Fasciola Hepatica
Fasciola Buski

Now, he tells me that they are installed in my linfatic sistem, in the liver, in the instestines, the thiroyd gland, and my heart. He tells me that my heart has a double infection by EBV and borrelia, and that it has damaged my mitral valve...

The funny thing is that I did run 2 eco doppler with a cardiologist in Spain in 2007 and 2008, and actually the study showed a left ventricular diastolic disfunction that it has resolved in 2008, but leaving a small failure in my mitral valve and the muscle of my heart. The cardiologist assumed that it was due to EBV infection. Besides I tested positive in a Tilt test having a induced syncope through a pill of nitroglicerin, which means that I have cardiovascular problem and I need to avoid standing still, high temperatures, big meals, etc... In my case nevertheless, my syncopes are triggered most of the dime through pain in my sacro, as I suffer from Sacroielitis for many years now. My sacroielitis probably comes from a trauma falling skiing, but is not a viral one as I tested negative for Brucelia and HLA-B27, ruling out espondilitis or things like that.

So basically this other doctor in Munich was going to kill them all with bioressonance. Without a single antibiotic!! And further on, theses infections are not possible to be detected by regular doctors, because it would not show up in the blood, because they are inside of the cells, at intracellular level... that is why this is a matter of faith.

During the week of treatment I felt quite well in Munich, but when I came back to Spain I had a relapse of nausea and fatigue symptoms and I wondered how good this treatment had been for me. Today is 15th of December and I have to say that my treatment in Munich was not very efective in my case at the clinical level at least. Nevertheless, if I look at the lab test I did after Munich, I have negativized my EBV at the IgM level, and lowered it at the IgG, so I am not sure if in the end it was worth to be there. I have mixed feelings between the clinical symptoms and the labtest. After the treatment, I was supposed not to have an infection or inflammation because we killed my EBV, Fasciola Hepatica, Fasciola Buski, Borrelia Japonica and Borrelia afdetii. Nevertheless I do seem to be fighting an infection and I am not feeling well, I feel very fatigued and with nausea and lack of energy.

I just came back from the lab of picking up my serology and these are the results:

December 2008 results (after 15 months treatment with Labolife and after Munich):

IgM ANTI V.C.A. EBV; NEGATIVE ( This is the first time that IgM comes NEGATIVE!!! last time was low positive 1/10 and 15 months ago as well, the reference value for this lab was 1/10 instead of 1/20)
IgG ANTI V.C.A. EBV; +POSITIVE (Titer 1/80) (same as 6 months ago, and 15 months ago was it was 1/640 with the same lab)
IgG ANTI E.B.N.A. EpsteinBarrVirus; +POSITIVE (Titer 1/80) Ref (>1/10) (lower than 6 months ago, it was 1/160; and 15 months ago was it was 1/320 with the same lab)
When the titer of the IgG remains > 1/40 means that the virus still presents activity in the nucleus, which is my case...
IgG ANTI E.A. EBV; -NEGATIVE (same as in the past...)

IgM ANTI V.C.A. CMV; -NEGATIVE (Titer 0,25) (before it was 0,19)
IgG ANTI V.C.A. CMV; +POSITIVE (Titer 142) (lower than 6 months ago 160,and 15 months ago was it was 233 with the same lab)

Beside these serologies I show:

T8c (CD8+CD57-) (normal High)
T8s (CD8+CD57+) (normal low)
T8c/T8s 6 (HIGH Ref(0,6-5,2)

Funny enough CD57 are linked to Lyme disease and Borrelia infection, but I am not sure how make this link to interpretate these results,because I am not a doctor...

a) T8c/T8s 6 (HIGH Ref(0,6-5,2) ----->This implies an active infection, and activity of the immune system agaist a viral infection because T8 acts at intracelular level. (This shows like this only after the treatment in Munich). A High Value of T8c/T8s would indicate an autoimmune problem, but if it is associated with a Low T4/T8 value, then is more an immune-depression of viral origin.
b) Abnormally low number of T-activated linfocytes 22 Ref(110-560)------> This implies a deficit of T lifocytes because I spent them all fighting an infection. (This used to be like that before the treatment)
c) Candida Overgrowth in the colon, (22 types of candida), and 3 polips extracted via colonoscopy last week, biopsy to be determined.

In the view of my immunologist, I still hold an infection that I fight, my Epstein Barr is still active in the nucleus E.B.N.A., I have candida overgrowth probably due to toxicity from the liver to the colon, and as a result I have developed polips in my colon. In my view we have missed something with the Bioresonance Treatment, because my symptoms have worsen, also my lab test...

I see is that T8c decreased from 755 to 543, and T8s decreased from 203 to 90, and as a result the T8c/T8s increased above the limit, pointing to an autoimmune problem or fighting a current infection.

Points in favor of the Munich treatment: (Things that makes me think that the bioresonance was effective)
- EBV has come down even further (from 1/160 to 1/80) and the IgM comes out negative for the first time!
- The borreliosis he detected me through bioresonance might have something to do with my CD57? This I can not confirm because I am not a doctor, but I have elevated the cocient T8c/T8s=> (CD8+CD57-)/(CD8+CD57+)

Points against the Munich tratment: (Things that makes me doubt of the Doctor in Munich)
- EBV has come lower yes, but this could be due to Labolife as in the past, and he sustained that the virus was not anymore in my body, and I still can see it at the IgG level.
- My clinical symptoms have worsen significantly since I came back from Munich, nauseas, feve, ftigue, mialgy, muscle pain...nevertheless I still can handle to do almost "normal life" and practice sportssometimes in a week...takes me more energy though.
- The doctor told me that I had no more infection or inflamation, and I just run a colonscopy last week in which they took out some polips, I had fever in the last month, and I felt like having a flue since I came back... side effects? Too long to be just side effects...?


Basically, since I came back from Munich I feel worse than before. During 2008 I was feeling relatively good, but I had a relapse in October after I got the "treatment" and maybe is coincidental, but is what it is. Recently I am recovering gradually.

Among the things he told me before treatment were:

I do have:
-Fasciola Hepatica
-Fasciola Buski
-Borrelia afdetii
-Borrelia Japonica

And after treatment he said:

-Now, there is no single infecction or inflammation
-Now you are also protected at your immune system, in your cells, for autoimmune diseases (cancer, etc)
-You are fit

Before I got the treatment I did a blood test to verify that I effectively had Fasciola Hepatica in my system, but the test came negative. Fasciola Hepatica is a parasite that you could even see with your eye, so I doubt that it could be an intracellular infection that is not detectable by a blood test as he suggested... If someone knows this detail, I appreciate feedback on this...

After treatment I did check for the things I knew I had in my system, to see how they evolved with the treatment:

My EBV remains high at the IgG level as before 1/80 (Reference value 1/10) when it is above 4 times the reference value, means it is still active in the nucleus of the cell, and therefore your immune system could still try to fight it.

My CMV remains high at the IgG level as before 143 (Reference value 6) when it is above 4 times the reference value, means it is still active in the nucleus of the cell, and therefore your immune system could still try to fight it.

My T8c/T8s is very high 6 (Reference value 5) This reflects a situation of chronic infection against which the immune system is fighting, or an autoimmune situation.

My T-activated Linfocites are too low 7%, which reflects the wasted level of these linfocites that are responsible to fight viruses and bacteria. I can no defend myself propertly against bacteria, because I am too much focus on the virus. (My immunologyst said)

When they performed a colonoscopy, because I was bleeding, they found 2 polips and a white lesion inside that when analized was an espiroquetosis (bacterial infection). Besides, in my stool test they found diminished flora from escherichia coli and enterococus faecium, and a deficiency of the good flora bifidus, lactobacilus, etc... A candida overgrowth was observed, and Tricosporon cutaneum was present. Also an espastic colon was described. Therefore there was infection and inflammation. Next to that in the biopsy of one of the tissues they found HPV 51 and 58, both with high potential to cause cancer, which does not mean that I have cancer of course.

A Tac was performed in my sacro because I fainted after pain, and I was diagnosed with a sacroielitis (inflammation of the articulation), which caused me to have a sincope when the pain arrived and I did not lay. Again, there is inflammation.

All in all, I can confirm, I do not have a fasciola hepatica, never did I guess, nevertheless there are infections in my body, there is inflammation, there is an immune response to this, I am not protected for autoimmune episodes and I do not feel fit.

I know that is a devastating review for the treatment of this doctor, but these are facts, not opinions.

I have confronted him with these facts, and He showed a big EGO and lack of recognition of these facts. For me this is a NO NO Doctor, for me he is a FRAUD, and I am talking exclusively about him, not the bioressonance technique as such. So Please avoid coming to this doctor...that is my advice. Waste of money and time in my view.