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Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: (English) or (Spanish)
My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)
Note: As you can see on the chart, there is a clear improvement in the "symptoms-score" of my days (1=worst day / 10=best day), and it happens in the last 9 months when I started with Labolife protocol. I have to say that I did take more stuf like glutamine, mucosa compositum, probiotics, B6,magnesium, Taurine, etc...but in my view what did the trick was Labolife.

If you remember my case, one of my main problems was a chronic EBV infection that started in September 2005, and remained slightly positive at IgM level so far until today! Whenever I did my serology on EBV and CMV, the IgG's looked somewhat like these titers since 2005 in every single blood test:

EBV IgG 1/560 IgM 1/32 Negative when <1/20 (this reference values might change among different labs)
CMV IgG 1/490 Negative when <1/20 (this reference values might change among different labs)
HHV-6 IgG 1/320 (This indicates a positive IgM as well when the titer is 1/320 or higher, nevertheless HHV-6 became normal in 2006)

Well, the good thing, which is what I wanted to share with you is that In September 2007 I started a protocol with homeopatic antivirals from LaboLife EBV and CMV and I measured my serology on these viruses before and after the treatment, and here are the results:

June 2008 results (after 9 months treatment with Labolife):

IgM ANTI V.C.A. EBV;+POSITIVE (Titer 1/10) (same as 9 months ago, the reference value for this lab was 1/10 instead of 1/20)
IgG ANTI V.C.A. EBV; +POSITIVE (Titer 1/80) (much lower now, 9 months ago was it was 1/640 with the same lab)
IgG ANTI E.B.N.A. EBV; +POSITIVE (Titer 1/160) (much lower now,9 months ago was it was 1/320 with the same lab)
IgG ANTI E.A. EBV; -NEGATIVE 1/10 (slightly higher, irrelevant though 1/5)

IgM ANTI V.C.A. CMV; -NEGATIVE (Titer 0,19) (same as 9 months ago)
IgG ANTI V.C.A. CMV; +POSITIVE (Titer 160) (much lower now, 9 months ago was it was 233 with the same lab)


I have been able to lower the viral load to almost normal levels, the only "but" is the IgM of my EBV that still remains slightly positive, but the titer of the IgG's is now normalized, and this shows also in my symptoms, I can do sports again and even sweet in the gym!!! and I do not have a constant nausea, nor fatigue morning feeling as before... If one of your main problems is the serology of these viruses, I guess you should give it a go. It did work on me, and besides is safe non toxic treatment, like could be Valcyte, Ampligen, Zelitrex, etc...

I still have problems, which I am treating regarding subclinical hipothyroid detected in urine plus deregulated cortisol in saliva. For these issues I will start with DEHA and Pregnenolone. Besides I will keep on restoring my gut flora, IBS, etc, but already my quality of life has improved significantly. I hope this can be of help for all of you that have problems with these viruses IgG's.
My immunologist Josepa Rigau, tells me that She prefers to keep on improving my immune system and my gut flora and IBS problems to get me strong enough to take the next step which will be restoring the methylation cycle.

All the best


How to get Labolife? It is for sale in Spain, Italy and Belgium... Try to contact them, maybe there is a way to be sold overseas...

Labo'Life Belgium
Parc scientifique CREALYS
Rue Camille Hubert, 11
5032 Gembloux
tel : 00 32 81 40 87 81 -

Labo'Life España S.A.
Avenida des Raiguer, 7
07330 Consell - Majorque
tel : 00 34 971 14 20 35 -

Labo'Life Italia s.r.l
Via Andrea Costa, 2
20131 Milano
tel : 00 39 02 763 16 146 -

I have something else to add regarding treating EBV with Labolife:

For EBV there are 2 available products

90% of the cases, show an hiporeactivity (that is to say, although some parameter of the lynfocite typology is elevated, some other is diminished CD3 or CD54 etc...) In this case we apply 2LEBV (contains interleukin that activate the immune system + nucleic acids specific for this virus)

The rest 10%, the show immune hiperreactivity (that is to say, some or all parameters of the lynfocite typology are elevated, but none is diminished) In this case we use 2LXFS (Contains interleukins antiinflamatory + nucleic acid secific for EBV+CMV+H.Zoster)
Dose is 1 capsule a day, open it and put in below the tongue, always following the numeration and with an empty stomach, preferably not in the night.

Hope this helps you, and wish you the best....

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Marcia G said...

Hi Carlitos...
Can you post the link where I can purchase the Labolife antivirals that you specifically bought?
I am trying to rid myself of the HHV6 (after having eliminated CPn Chlamydia Pneumoniae out of my life in 15 months of antibiotics)...
Thanks so much.
Blessings and best of health!
Marcia G