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Axel Konold is a Fraud! Bioressonance Treatment in Munich (Negative critics)

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My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (www.redlabs.be), Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)


Basically, since I came back from Munich I feel worse than before. During 2008 I was feeling relatively good, but I had a relapse in October after I got the "treatment" and maybe is coincidental, but is what it is. Recently I am recovering gradually.

Among the things he told me before treatment were:

I do have:
-Fasciola Hepatica
-Fasciola Buski
-Borrelia afdetii
-Borrelia Japonica

And after treatment he said:

-Now, there is no single infecction or inflammation
-Now you are also protected at your immune system, in your cells, for autoimmune diseases (cancer, etc)
-You are fit

Before I got the treatment I did a blood test to verify that I effectively had Fasciola Hepatica in my system, but the test came negative. Fasciola Hepatica is a parasite that you could even see with your eye, so I doubt that it could be an intracellular infection that is not detectable by a blood test as he suggested... If someone knows this detail, I appreciate feedback on this...

After treatment I did check for the things I knew I had in my system, to see how they evolved with the treatment:

My EBV remains high at the IgG level as before 1/80 (Reference value 1/10) when it is above 4 times the reference value, means it is still active in the nucleus of the cell, and therefore your immune system could still try to fight it.

My CMV remains high at the IgG level as before 143 (Reference value 6) when it is above 4 times the reference value, means it is still active in the nucleus of the cell, and therefore your immune system could still try to fight it.

My T8c/T8s is very high 6 (Reference value 5) This reflects a situation of chronic infection against which the immune system is fighting, or an autoimmune situation.

My T-activated Linfocites are too low 7%, which reflects the wasted level of these linfocites that are responsible to fight viruses and bacteria. I can no defend myself propertly against bacteria, because I am too much focus on the virus. (My immunologyst said)

When they performed a colonoscopy, because I was bleeding, they found 2 polips and a white lesion inside that when analized was an espiroquetosis (bacterial infection). Besides, in my stool test they found diminished flora from escherichia coli and enterococus faecium, and a deficiency of the good flora bifidus, lactobacilus, etc... A candida overgrowth was observed, and Tricosporon cutaneum was present. Also an espastic colon was described. Therefore there was infection and inflammation. Next to that in the biopsy of one of the tissues they found HPV 51 and 58, both with high potential to cause cancer, which does not mean that I have cancer of course.

A Tac was performed in my sacro because I fainted after pain, and I was diagnosed with a sacroielitis (inflammation of the articulation), which caused me to have a sincope when the pain arrived and I did not lay. Again, there is inflammation.

All in all, I can confirm, I do not have a fasciola hepatica, never did I guess, nevertheless there are infections in my body, there is inflammation, there is an immune response to this, I am not protected for autoimmune episodes and I do not feel fit.

I know that is a devastating review for the treatment of this doctor, but these are facts, not opinions.

I have confronted the doctor Axel Konold with these facts through my friend, the one that recommended me this doctor. His reaction was very defensive, and He showed a big EGO and lack of recognition of these facts. Of course he did not want to reimburse my money. For me this is a NO NO Doctor, for me he is a FRAUD, and I am talking exclusively about him, not the bioressonance technique as such. So Please avoid coming to this doctor...that is my advice. Waste of money and time in my view.

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