Saturday, April 18, 2009

New tretament based on Genetic Profile

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My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy and biological medicine, significant improvement)
My previous docs: De Meirleir (, Dra Quintana (CMD), (Lots of medication, antibiotics etc... no significant improvement)

Click on he image to see a bigger detailed picture.

Click on he image to see a bigger detailed picture.

Click on he image to see a bigger detailed picture.

I just came back from my visit with Dr. Josepa Rigau in Tarragona, and I got a new treatment based on my gene map which I did recently. Among other things I have to be careful with obesity, cholesterol, homocysteine, cardiovascular diseases, lipid metabolism, lack of colageno, and propensity to colon cancer... all these are predispositions, not necessarily will happen, although cholesterol and homocystein is already happening.


SOD from Douglas or Ageloss from Nature Import
This is for the lack of SOD that I show.
Omega 3 (up to 6 a day) Eye Q
This is to prevent my propensity for inflammation and cardiovascular problems
Milk Thistle (30 drops) or Coenzime Compositum (twice a week)
This is to slow phase I which is too fast, and activate Phase 2 which is too slow, as it shows the study.
Licopen (Douglas) or 3 tomato juices
This is for the gene GSTM
Naturalith (2-0-2), L Glutamine(1-0-1), Probiotics(1-0-0), and Mucosa Compositum
This is to reduce amonia and protect the mucosa from the intestines and colon
Homocysteine (Folic Acid and B6)
This is to lower my homocysteine levels
Malic Acid (Douglas) or espastrupel (homeopatic) and appe juice in the morning & Magnesium
This is to reduce my bilirrubine levels that were high
Nivelcol (Tongil) 2 in the morning
This is to help control cholesterol levels
Ferzym Plus (Specchiasol)
This is to restore folra, vitamins B, Managanesum, zinc, probiotics...
Aminoacids: Glicina (2) & Prolina (1) Plus using the vibrating machine of the gym
This is to prevent osteoporosis which will be an issue in my case for the lack of colageno. I can also eat "manitas de cerdo", "codillo"
I can take a break of Labolife in the summer time, because with high temperatures, viruses are not very active.
My metilation pathway is partially bloqued, but the good thing is that the sulfuration pathway is not bloqued, and that offsets part of the problem with metilation.
I do not repair well my ADN, so I should be careful with the sun.
There are three things that are not completely ok in my case: COM (Hormones), MTHFR (metals) and CBS (Homocysteine)

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