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Summary of Dr. Mhyll recommended Treatment

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The mitochondrial function score is a measure of how much energy they have got to spend. Carlos’s score is just 0.04 which equates to about 5/100 on my enclosed CFS disability scale (also see CFS book), so it is no wonder that there is a major problem with fatigue.
The cell free DNA a measure of how well they feel, in other words, cell free DNA is a marker for the symptom of malaise. When cells are damaged or die, they spill their contents into the blood stream. All DNA should be contained within cell membranes. However, DNA from damaged cells is not – thus this is a good measure of cellular damage. This result shows a highly significant increase in cell degradation at 22.7ug DNA per litre (up to 9.5). To give an idea of the level of severity of this result, people with severe flu or who are on cancer chemotherapy produce cell free DNA levels of 30-40 ug DNA per litre.

A high cell free DNA can result from any of the following, all of which need tackling as a separate problem:

a) There is poor antioxidant status (see Co Q 10, SODase, glutathione peroxidase),
b) There is ongoing toxic stress (such as from pesticides, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals etc),
c) There is immune activation (as, for example, in acute infection),
d) There is very poor mitochondrial function (see mitochondrial function) score but the patient is forced to do some muscular activity just in order to live.
e) The patient is not pacing well – i.e. pushing too hard and this is resulting in cell damage. However some people who are very disabled have no choice – just the energy required to exist will cause tissue damage. So people with the worst mitochondrial function score often have high cell free DNAs even though they are doing almost nothing.

Red cell glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX) very poor result. Glutathione peroxidase is made up of glutathione, combined with selenium. There is a particular demand in the body for glutathione. Not only is it required for GSH-Px, which is an important frontline antioxidant, it is also required for the process of detoxification. Recommended high protein diet (which contains amino acids for endogenous synthesis of glutathione), and take selenium 500mcg daily during 4 months, maintenance dose of 200mcg.


• MICRONUTRIENTS – multivits (A,B,C, D and E), multimins, EFAs.
• SLEEP – aim for 9 hours between 9.30pm and 6.30am
• STONEAGE DIET (low glycaemic index diet which avoids the major allergens).

(a) Correcting mitochondrial function - D-ribose, Mg injections, NAD (B3), acetyl L carnitine, meat, Co Q 10.
(b) Addressing poor antioxidant status - B12, Co Q 10, glutathione peroxidase
(c) Detox regimes where appropriate – i.e. sweating techniques
(d) Identifying chronic infections
(e) Correcting any secondary hormonal lesions in particular secondary hypothyroidism, secondary hypoadrenalism and poor melatonin levels.

Standard for all Mitochondrial support Extra Anti-oxidants
1) In ½ to 1 pint of water/ Acetyl L-Carnitine 1 gram
2) some fruit juice dissolve: (1 small scoop)
-Ascorbic acid 1 g (1 small scoop) (Or BioCare Vit C 1 g = 2x 500mg caps)
-MMM 2 grams (2 small scoops)
-D-ribose 2.5 grams (½ teaspoon)

3)Swallow at breakfast with the below solution:
-BioCare Adult multivitamins x 1 capsule
-Igennus VegEPA x 4 capsules
-Vitamin Research Vit D3 x 2 caps
-Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg x 2 capsules
-Niacinamide 500mg x 1 capsule
-Magnesium 300mg daily orally (more if tolerated – up to 600mgs)

4)-Subcutaneous injection Evans 50% magnesium sulphate ½ ml (0.05ml lignocaine with 0.5ml magnesium)
5)-Subcutaneous injection B12 ½ ml methylcobalamin daily initially for two months and adjust according to clinical response.

Mid morning
6)D-ribose ½ a teaspoon in tea or coffee
7)Swallow: Co-enzyme Q10 100mg x 1 capsule
Midday – lunchtime
8)Dissolve in ½ pint of water D-ribose ½ a teaspoon
9)MMM 1gram 1 scoop
10)Swallow: Co-enzyme Q10 100mg x 1 capsule
Start on 300mg daily split in three dose for 3 months, then a maintenance dose of 100mg daily.
11)Dissolve D-ribose ½ a teaspoon in tea or coffee
Three teaspoonfuls daily (15gms) should be taken in small doses throughout the day in drinks taking it with green tea, coffee, tea or whatever (hot or cold).
12)Dissolve in ½ to 1 pint of water/ Acetyl L-carnitine 1 gram
13)some fruit juice:
-Ascorbic acid 1 gram (Or BioCare Vit C 1 g = 2x 500mg caps)
-MMM 2 grams
-D-ribose ½ a teaspoon (or adjust to complete your daily dose of 3 teaspoon per day -15mg)
14)With the above solution swallow the following caps with food:
-Co-enzyme Q10 100mg 1 capsule (after 3 months reduce dose to 100mg daily)
-Igennus VegEPA x 4 capsules
After 3 months VegEPA can be reduced to 2-4 capsules daily
At night
15)Take in water/fruit juice
-D-ribose ½ teaspoon
-Selenium 300mcg 3 drops
-(for 4 months) – GSH-px

-Eat a Stone Age Diet, Low carbohydrate intake and high dose of "do it yourself" probiotics including Kefir. Some people also need herbal antifungals and some people systemic prescription antifungals to get on top of their yeast problem.
-Sleep between 9.30pm and 6.30am – more in winter, less in summer.
-Avoid chemicals and do a good clean up of the environment to try to reduce the total load and this will also reduce the allergic burden.
-Epsom salts in the bath (a double handful) will improve magnesium status since magnesium is absorbed through the skin. The bath needs to be as warm as can be tolerated for at least 15 minutes.
-Run microrespirometry studies which look at oxidative phosphorylation in more detail.
-Far Infra Red saunaing at least two sessions a week. Another method of detoxing is to take high dose essential fatty acids and other oils.Interestingly many people who take VegEPA report much improved sleep.

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